Amazing-Man Comics #10

Aman the Amazing-Man

Aman the Amazing-Man has stowed away aboard a German plane on its way to Russia in order to get back to his homeland in Tibet.

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Suddenly, the plane engine catches fire forcing the two pilots to abandon ship. Revealing himself, Aman uses his green mist powers to help the two pilots get safely to the ground. Returning to the plane, he manages to put out the flame and continue on his course.

However, as Aman arrives in the mountainous regions of Tibet, the freezing cold causes the plane to ice up forcing him to bail out. When the plane crashes into a nearby mountain top causing an avalanche. Surviving the crash, Aman prevents the avalanche from destroying a nearby village much to the relief of the villagers.

That is when Aman is contacted by the Council demanding that he return home immediately. With his home so far away and with no plane to get there, Aman fears he will not make it back in time. While in at the secret Tibetan village the Great Question tries to sway the other members of the Council to punish Aman if he fails to return.

Thankfully for Aman, the villagers show him a shortcut through a cave. Using his great strength, the Amazing-Man lifts the boulders blocking the tunnel allowing him to make his rendezvous on time.

Recurring characters

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  • Council of Seven

    • < Great Question >

Aman, the Boy in the test of the stolen records

When he was twelve years old, young Aman witnessed someone get injured outside of the monastery he has been raised. Seeing this as an opportunity to manipulate the boy, using his mental power to convince the child to leave their sanctuary in order to help someone in peril. The injured man is dying and begs Aman to take a box to Chang La at the nearby Taoist temple.

Along the way, Aman is attacked by thieves who think he is lugging a box full of treasure. Although he fights off his attackers, the box is opened. Inside, Aman discovers that it contains papers, maps, and codes from the Council of Seven. Realizing the great danger the great wrong he has committed, Aman returns to his home with the council for punishment.

Nika is proud of Aman for taking ownership of his actions. After considering the situation the Great Lama decides to leave Aman’s punishment to the council. The rest of the council decides that Aman learned a valuable lesson from the experience and decides that he does not deserve to be punished.

Recurring characters

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  • The Council of Seven:

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