Amazing-Man Comics #11

Purification - The New Amazing Man

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Answering the summons of the Council of Seven, the Amazing-Man is put through the purification by fire to verify if he is still worthy to be their champion of truth and justice. While the Great Question hopes that Aman fails this trial, the hero proves his worthiness to the others.

As a reward, Nika awards Aman with a costume to wear and informs him that with this outfit he will no longer need the daily injections to be able to transform into the green mist. Attempting to use his telepathy to take enthrall the Amazing-Man, the Great Question discovers that he can no longer influence his foe’s mind.

Allowed to return to the outside world, Aman takes a plane back to the United States. In Louisiana, his ship get caught in a heavy wind and he is forced to crash land in a small lake. Walking through the dense bayou, Aman comes upon a boat carrying a pair of crooks who are heading to a long lost pirate castle where a cache of hidden gold is believed to be kept.

Following them back to their camp, Aman learns that they are lead by a modern day pirate named Garlock and that they have a woman locked up in the dungeon with the lost treasure. While the pirates are having a feast, the Amazing-Man sneaks into the dungeon to free the captive woman. Although the prisoner is in a locked cell guarded by a pair of panthers, Aman manages to get past by turning into the green mist. The captive woman turns out to be Zona Henderson and investigative reporter for the New Orleans Eagle who was taken prisoner when she discovered the castle.

When Garlock and his minions come downstairs to retrieve the gold and the woman, Aman turns into the green mist. With their guard down, the hero appears and easily trounces the pirate’s trained panthers and his goons. Locking the crooks in their own dungeon, the Amazing-Man leads Zona back to his plan while carrying the treasure and some gasoline to refuel his plane. After fighting off the crocodiles that have been attracted to the crash.

With the plane back in working order, Aman flies himself and Zona to the authorities where they turn over the lost treasure and inform the authorities where to find Garlock and his men. After their adventure together both Aman and Zona have become fast friends and both look forward to working together in the future.

As the pair fly off to their next adventure they are unaware that they are being observed by the Great Question who looks forward to matching wits with the Amazing-Man and his new ally in the future.

Recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

  • Council of Seven:

    • < Nika >

    • Great Question: Seen again next issue.

continuity notes

  • Aman has needed daily injections of a secret formula in order to turn into the green mist since Amazing-Man #1 until this issue.

Three-Ring Death

The Amazing-Man arrives at a circus where the animals are running wild. After using his strength to subdue the rampaging animals he witnesses Bill Henniker, the owner of the circus, demanding that a police officer arrest the shooter of his pistol act for the murder the leader of the elephant herd causing the animal stampede.

Examining the alleged murderer, Aman notices that his is wearing thick glasses. Learning that his regular glasses were “accidentally” broken and replaced by Henniker, Aman correctly deduces that Henniker did this intentionally, giving the shooter the wrong prescription causing his aim to be off. As such the shooter accidentally shot the elephant herder.

With his scheme exposed, Henniker — who was trying to cash in on a fraudulent insurance claim — is arrested.

Recurring Characters

  • < Amazing-Man >

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