Amazing-Man Comics #13

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Aman - The Amazing-Man

Before finishing business on the west coast, Aman is informed by authorities that a plane carrying his partner, reporter Zona Henderson, had crashed in Arizona. The one survivor, Zona, had been taken to the hospital. En route to Arizona aboard his own plane, Aman hears over the radio that Zona had been kidnapped one her way to the hospital. The Amazing-Man quickly deduces that his long time foe, the Great Question, is responsible for kidnapping Zona in order to get at him.

Arriving at the scene of the crash, Aman questions eyewitnesses and learns that the plane was forced to crash by another aircraft. Learning the direction the ambulance went, Aman then returns to his plane to search the area.

As he does so, the Great Question contacts him via radio and threatens to kill the Henderson woman if Aman does not follow his orders. However, Aman has caught up with the kidnappers car. Instead of complying, the Amazing-Man intentionally crashes his plane using this as a distraction to cover up transforming into the green mist and using this form to get in front of the car. Returning to human form, Aman uses his greatQuest strength to stop the vehicle with his bare hands. Before the kidnappers can shoot Zona they are quickly disarmed. After smashing the Great Question’s super-television monitor. Cut off from their leader, the kidnappers readily expose the Great Question’s latest scheme.

Aman’s enemy intends on staging a break out at Los Passos prison. Driving to Phoenix, Aman and Zona turn the crooks over to the authorities. After sending a telegraph to the warden, Aman gets a new plane and races to the prison. However, he is too late to stop the men hired to cause the break-out from attacking. In the process of freeing the prisoners, the warden is murdered. When the Amazing-Man arrives, his plane is quickly spotted and shot down. Surviving the crash, Aman carries Zona to safety and then lashes into the prisoners and the men hired to free them. However, they quickly realize that the Amazing-Man is far too powerful for them to handle and those who haven’t escaped surrender.

Aman then leaves Zona to chase after two truckloads of prisoners who managed to get away. Using his powers, Aman causes the trucks to crash. Then using his great strength, he tears down a nearby bridge preventing the escapees from fleeing the scene. Soon the state troopers arrive on the scene and get the situation under control. With Zona kidnapped yet again, Aman has some troopers help him catch up to her captors in a car and rescues her from peril once more.

Recurring characters

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Ape Alibi

The Amazing-Man and his ally, Zona Henderson, assist officer Shanus Riley capture a murderer George Akers. As the murder took place near the animal row of a carnival, Aman’s keen scene picked up the fact that the killer smelled like they had spent a great deal of time around apes. Since both the killer and his victim both cared for the animals it was elementary for Aman to identify Akers as the killer with nothing more than his keen sense of smell.

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