Amazing-Man Comics #14

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Aman - The amazing-man

Aman receives a telegram informing him that his plane cannot be completed as a shipment containing special components was hijacked by spies.

Aman and Zona Henderson, his assistant, go to the factory to investigate what is going on. There the owner isn’t sure why he was targeted since his company isn’t providing any equipment to help with the war in Europe. They are then shown around by an employee named Scheer. However, Scheer abruptly ducks out of their tour and the pair have to dodge a falling girder.

Convinced this wasn’t an accident, Aman decides to investigate Scheer. Looking up his address, the Amazing-Man breaks into the apartment. There he finds one of the super-television sets that the Great Question uses to contact his minions. Inside a safe he also finds the details of another shipment attack that is scheduled to happen near Hoyes Cover.

Flying there with Zona, the Amazing-Man is too late to stop an unmarked submarine from sinking a ship filled with jewels. Going to a nearby island, Aman fights his way through the Great Question’s minions. Inside a nearby cave he finds their leader a woman named Madam Olga. Olga orders Nimo — her lion - to attack the hero. After killing the beast, the Amazing-Man notices how much Zona resembles Olga and decides to try and trick her minions into giving them all the stolen loot.

Unfortunately, Aman is unaware that this entire plan is overheard by the Great Question who warns his men. Although they have the element of surprise, the Amazing-Man defeats them. When the submarine tries to escape, Aman boards it as the green mist and stops the captain, recovering the stolen loot.

Recurring characters:

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Great Question >

Red Rocket

The Amazing-Man and Zona are invited to city hall to accept to be decorated for their heroic deeds. There they are invited to test out some new rockets. However, the Amazing-Man quickly discovers that the salesman is insane and planted a bomb aboard Zona’s ship. After saving Henderson from the ship, Aman turns the salesman over to the authorities.

Recurring Characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

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