Amazing-Man Comics #15

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“Aman” - The Amazing-Man

On her way to meet up with Aman the Amazing-Man, Zona Henderson is abducted by some men in a passing car. At their meeting place, Aman is the target of a drive-by shooting. Surviving the attack, Aman discovers an empty gun left at the scene with a note attached to it. It warns the hero to keep out of their business or Zona will be killed.

Wondering what the criminals might be up to, Aman overhears a radio report about a theft at one of the largest armories in America. Suspecting the Great Question might be behind this, Aman applies for a job at the next likely target.

Sure enough, the Great Question’s men attack the munitions factory during the night shift. Although their knockout gas works on the other employees it has not effect on the Amazing-Man who follows after the thieves as the green mist.

The hero is led to a warehouse where he uncovers a secret passageway where the stolen weapons are loaded aboard a submarine. He follows the sub as it travels to their hideout on Little Rock Island. There the Amazing-Man trounces the crooks. He then finds Zona and as he is freeing her he is confronted by the Great Question and two of his strong-men. As Aman fights the two powerhouses, the Great Question grabs Zona and threatens to kill her if Ama doesn’t surrender.

With no other choice, the Amazing-Man surrenders and finds himself tied to a post. The Great Question then fires an atom-smasher ray on his long time enemy. Amazingly, the weapon has no effect on Aman, who manages to break free from his bonds. Unfortunately, when he tries to apprehend the Great Question, the villain teleports away. With this latest schemed foiled, Aman uses a nearby radio to call the coast guard to collect the stolen weapons.

Recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Great Question >

Death for one

Aman becomes concerned when Zona breaks off a date to meet with Doctor Edward McCarth. Recalling that McCarth had recently claimed that he could bring the dead back to life, and noting that Zona sounded distressed about something the hero quickly deduces that Zona is going to be an unwilling participant in the doctor’s experiment.

Infiltrating the demonstration, the Amazing-Man rescues Zona before she can be sacrificed for the sake of the crackpot scientists mad experiment.

Recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

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