Amazing-Man Comics #16

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“Aman” the Amazing-man

When Zona is delivered a package by a delivery boy, the Amazing-Man’s keen hearing detects that it is actually a bomb and tosses it away before it explodes. Chasing after the kid who delivered the package, Aman learns that it came from the National Trust Building, the location of a respectable financial institution.

Deciding to investigate the company, Aman arrives at the National Trust Building and demands to meet with the owner. However, when riding the elevator, the Amazing-Man is gassed and taken down to the basement. There, a scientist intends to use a specially made lamp ray that will drain the Amazing-Man of his powers. That’s when their boss arrives and tells them to hold off on doing anything until he contacts their boss, the Great Question. Using a super television set, the gang leader is ordered to kill Aman immediately.

By this time, Zona has become worried about her partner and decides to go to the police for help. However, the chief of police isn’t interested in helping. Although he does allow Zona to meet with the boy who tried to deliver the explosive package. She learns that the boy’s employer has a large supply of explosives stashed in the basement. Rushing to the scene of the National Trust Building, Zona manages to save Aman before he is exposed to the lamp ray.

The Great Question becomes aware of this and orders the the head of the company to eliminate the Amazing-Man. He orders everyone in the building to stop Aman no matter what. In the ensuing battle, Zona is kidnapped and locked in safe. Eventually, the Amazing-Man frees her and she reveals that the safe is filled with counterfeit money. Going to the police station to try and get the authorities to help shut down this operation, Aman is annoyed that the chief of police still refuses to do anything.

Leaving Zona to try and convince the police to do something, Aman returns to the building and takes down the rest of the operation, trapping their leader in an elevator. By that time Zona has convinced the authorities to arrive just in time to round up all the defeated criminals.

Recurring characters

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