Amazing-Man Comics #18

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Aman the amazing-man

While driving his car, Aman the Amazing-Man notices that a woman has been tied up in the back seat of a passing car. When he follows after them, the men give chase and manage to elude Aman. However, they leave the woman on the road to cover their escape.

When he checks on the woman, Aman learns that she is a college student named Mary Curran. She explains that the men kidnapped her because they want to know the location of a long lost gold mine mine that her father found back home. She shows the Amazing-Man a letter from her father where he fears for his life after the claim jumpers began pressuring him to reveal the location of his find. Her father had also sent her a map to the location of the mine but her kidnappers had taken it.

Aman takes the young girl back to his hotel where he tells his assistant Zona Henderson everything that happened. The trio agree to go into the mountains to try and stop the claim jumpers from stealing what rightfully belongs to the Curran family. Unfortunately, when they try to land their plan on some rough terrain it crashes and catches fire. Thankfully, the Amazing-Man is able to pull the two women to safety before the craft explodes. When that arrive at the home of Mary’s father they discover that he has been murdered. His butler, Moy Hing tells Aman and the others that his employer was killed by the stake jumpers.

While the Amazing-Man goes looking for the killers, they return to the cabin and kidnap the women. Aman tracks the women down and frees them. Searching the cabin, he also finds the map. They then head to the location of the mine and get inside before the thieves can secure it. When the thieves attempt to bury them alive, Amazing-Man manages to dig them out and rounds up the rest of the crooks for the authorities.

Recurring characters:

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

the hub of death

The Amazing-Man investigates a series of bombings in the city. The bomber turns out to be Emil Hub, who had been setting off the explosions in an attempt to avenge the fact that his brother, a fellow member of the Hub Gang, who was about to be executed on death row.

recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

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