Amazing-Man Comics #19

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“Aman” the amazing-man

When a package is delivered to his hotel room, the Amazing-Man quickly discovers that it is a bomb. Surviving the blast, Aman leaps out of the window in his green mist form in order to catch up with the courier. Catching his would-be killer, he refuses to tell the authorities why he delivered a bomb to Aman.

Unable to stay, the Amazing-Man soon meets up with Zona and they fly to a nearby Naval base for an appointment. On the way, they pick up a strange coded message over the radio. Recognizing it as the code used by his foe, the Great Question, and deciphers it. He learns that his enemy is targeting a nearby ship. Soon they overhear a distress call from the Quointra, a nearby steamer ship.

Flying to the location of the Quointra, the Amazing-Man turns into the green mist and leaps down to the ship below. There he begins attacking the pirates trying to rob it. their leader rushes below deck and contacts the Great Question. Hearing that the Amazing-Man is interfering in his plans once again, the villain orders his minions to sink the ship in order to protect their secrets.

When the pirates begin opening fire on the Quointra, the Amazing-Man crosses over to the other ship as the green mist and begins incapacitating their cannons. Unfortunately, when Aman returns to human form one of the pirates sneaks up behind him and strikes him on the back of the head, one of his few weaknesses, and is knocked out. They then inject him with a knockout drug and take him below deck. By this time, Zona has become worried about Aman and radios the Quointra. Learning that he went aboard the pirate ship she decides to follow it in case the hero needs some help.

Meanwhile, Aman is taken to the pirate’s secret island base. As they carry him to their hideout on a stretcher, the hero is only faking unconsciousness long enough to learn the location of their base. He then turns into the green mist in order to escape. As the pirates search for the hero they spot Zona landing the plane and take her prisoner.

Although the pirates attempt to use Zona as a hostage, Aman manages to storm their ship and use their radio to contact the Navy and alert them of his location. He then goes to the pirate’s hideout where he easily trounces the thieves (much to the frustration of the Great Question) and rescues Zona.

recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Great Question >

death looks in a mirror

The Amazing-Man and Zona Henderson are asked to investigate a series of alleged suicides at the Ullmark Hotel. There they quickly discover that all the dead were actually victims of Thracker the Great a magician who used hypnosis to force his victims to kill themselves.

recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

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