Amazing-Man Comics #20

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Aman the amazing-man

The Amazing-Man and Zona are attending a lecture about a series of bizarre rocket landings. There he is approached by a Native American man who wishes to speak with him. However, before the man can tell Aman anything, someone fatally shoots him. When the authorities arrive the Native American is identified as Grey Bull of Le Paz.

Finding this murder strange, Aman decides to check it out and flies to Le Paz with Zona. In a nearby town, Aman learns that not only have there been a series of strange rocket crashes in the area, but also members of the nearby Native American tribe go missing.

Searching the area, he discovers a puma that is a pet of the local tribe when questioning a ranch owner. Turning into the green mist he follows the big cat to a nearby cave. There he discovers the secret hideout of the Great Question. As it turns out he is behind the rocket test and has been strapping the local Native Americans to the side of his rockets as test subjects.

In the ensuing battle the Great Question teleports away and Aman saves the prisoners. With the Great Questions minions try to escape by car. In order to catch up with them, Aman launches himself into the sky on a rocket. When in the air, he turns into the green mist and leaps onto his plane which is being piloted by Zona. The pair then catch up with the crooks and capture them.

Recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Great Question >

model for death

At a fashion show, the Amazing-Man uncovers a bizarre plot to kill a fashion model using a specially crafted metal plate hidden in a tiara that, when exposed to a special beam, to cause instant and untraceable death.

recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Zona Henderson >

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