Amazing-Man Comics #21

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When some strange ships show up on Martinez Island — a volcanic island that recently experienced an earthquake — the Amazing-Man calls his ally Zona Henderson to assist him in investigating the mystery.

As Aman heads to the island, the Great Question teleports there from Tibet anticipating his rival’s interference in his latest scheme.

By this time, Aman and Zona have arrived at the airport but the hero suspects something amiss when the scientist who was hired to attached enhancement devices on his plane is not present. When he uses his hypnotic abilities to enthrall the mechanic he learns that a bomb had been rigged to the plane. Leaving Zona to defuse the explosive, Aman finds the scientist tied up in his lab and frees him. He then learns that the scientist’s work had been stolen by some thieves for some new secret weapon being built by the Great Question.

With the bomb defused, Aman and Zona head for Martinez Island. However, their flight is interrupted when the plane is caught in a tractor beam. Turning into the green mist, Aman bail out, vowing to free Zona when he has the chance. While the Great Question’s minions are busy trying to detain Zona, the villain himself calls out to Aman, wanting to stop fighting and establishing a truce.

However, Aman has no interest in joining the Great Question. Unfortunately, this only served as a distraction for the Great Question who blasts the Amazing-Man with a special weapon that traps the hero in an impenetrable force field.

When the Great Question goes back to work on his next creation, Aman uses his hypnotic power to knock out the man operating the ray machine. That’s when the all-but-forgotten Zona comes out of her hiding place and shuts down the device, freeing Aman. Then, to create further distraction, Aman compels the hypnotized minion to try and kill the Great Question.

The pair then goes to the top of a nearby volcano and discover that the Great Question has built his base of operations within. While Aman goes to investigate, the Great Question spots Zona and orders his troops to go after the Amazing-Man. Meanwhile, the Amazing-Man discovers that the Great Question has enslaved a group of black men to build his latest invention and frees them.

Warned of the approaching army by Zona, the Amazing-Man smashes through the Great Question’s minions and weapons. The villain then lures Aman to a nearby cavern when he reveals that his latest invention is a massive robot that he pilots from within. Unfortunately for the Great Question, the massive robot is still no match for the Amazing-Man as the hero forces his way inside its inner workings. When Aman reaches the control room the Great Question teleports away in order to evade capture.

With the Great Question’s latest scheme foiled, Aman and Zona leave the island using explosives to decimate the enemy base.

Recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Great Question >

Uncle Trouble

The Amazing-Man is helping the authorities try and capture Burke Korlan a mobster in league with the Great Question. They are then tipped off that Burke is plotting to kidnap Zona Henderson in order to prevent Aman from fighting crime.

Later that evening, Burke and his men spot Zona Henderson paying off a strange man. Thinking that he could be a useful ally, Korlan approaches this stranger. This main claims to be Zona’s uncle and is willing to help kidnap her for a large sum of money.

Burke falls for what turns out to be a trap as this is the Amazing-Man in disguise and captures Korlan while his guard is down.

recurring characters

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  • Zona Henderson >

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