Amazing-Man Comics #22

Aman the Amazing-Man

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With the Nazis aiming to invade Britain, radio reports about the Great Question joining up with the Germans spreads across the world. Hearing one of these reports is the Amazing-Man and his assistant, Zona Henderson. The pair decide to do something about this and rush to the airport and set course for Europe.

The reports turn out to be true as the Great Question — now calling himself Mister Que — has joined the Nazis. At that very moment he is in a meeting with Adolf Hitler and his top ranking officials working on the plan to invade England. Mister Que assures Hitler that his newest invention will allow them to cross the Channel. Although Hitler is concerned about interference from the Amazing-Man, Mister Que assures the Fuhrer that he has a suitable welcome for their mutual foe and teleports away.

Moments later, the plane carrying the Amazing-Man and Zona is shot out of the sky. However, instead of falling to their doom the pair is caught in a tractor beam and taken aboard a Nazi submarine. Mister Que then seals Aman in a torpedo and has the crew fire it at the H.M.S. Churchill. Satisfied that his enemy is doomed, Mister Que teleports away to finalize the planned invasion.

However, the Amazing-Man manages to break free from the torpedo then stops another torpedo — which is carrying Zona inside — from striking the ship as well. The grateful captain then gives Aman a plane so he can continue his flight to Europe. As they arrive at the Channel River, the pair is shocked to witness Mister Que’s invention freeze the waters allowing the Nazis to cross.

Leaping to the battle, the Amazing-Man begins sabotaging the freezing device. This prompts both Hitler and Mister Que to try and escape in a Nazi skidoo. Aman then uses oil tanks to start fires that begin melting the ice. He then singles out Hitler’s escape vehicle and dumps the fascist dictator and Mister Que into the melted waters. Unfortunately, before the Amazing-Man can capture both men, Mister Que teleports them both away.

Recurring characters

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  • Nazis:

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the crypt of the live corpses

When over 100 defense workers go missing, the Amazing-Man works with Officer Burk Dolan to try and solve the mystery. Their investigation reveals that the operators of the Warren Street Museum is responsible for the mass kidnapping. As it turns out they were intending to ship these defense workers to Aman’s enemy, the Great Question, a plot foiled thanks to Amazing-Man’s great detective work.

recurring characters:

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