Amazing-Man Comics #23

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The Amazing-Man … and tommy the amazing kid

Across the United States, individuals vital to the war effort are being eliminated by a powerful weapon called the Purple Fire. With no clue as to who and what is responsible for these attacks FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover calls on the Amazing-Man to help stop these murders. That’s when another threat comes in. When the Amazing-Man rushes to the building where the next target is located he is too late to stop it.

Suspecting his old foe, Mister Que, and realizing that he is going to need more power to deal with this new threat, the Amazing-Man heads for home so he can contact Nika, the member of the Tibetan Great Council that gave him his powers.

Arriving home, Aman is greeted by his assistant Zona Henderson who introduces him to her young brother, Tommy. As Aman and Zona talk about what’s happening, Tommy decides to enter the secret lab that her sister warned him to keep out of. When Aman enters the lab later to contact Nika he is unaware that Tommy is hiding inside. When Nika sends bolts of energy to Aman to give him greater powers, none are aware that Tommy is also charged with these bolts. After the Amazing-Man departs, Tommy quickly realizes that he has also been gifted with amazing powers and decides to follow Aman and see what he can do to help.

Meanwhile, Mister Que is meeting with his Nazi subordinates and informs them that their next target is Admiral Mark’s while he is in air transit. When the warning is sent to the Admiral, the Amazing-Man switches places with him unaware that the mechanic working on the plane is working for Mister Que. Not only that, but Tommy has stowed away onboard. It’s only when he is in the air does Aman discover Tommy. However, learning that the boy now has superhuman powers he allows the boy to accompany him.

That’s when the Nazis fire a Purple Fire missile from their submarine. Spotting the projectile, Aman tries to dodge it but can’t. THe ship is blasted out of the air and while the Amazing-Man is knocked into the ocean, Tommy is taken prisoner. Recovering from the blast, Aman tries to rescue the boy but is quickly drugged and is tied to a buoy surrounded by sharks. While inside the sub, Tommy fears that Aman might lose track of the submarine. Finding some yellow dye, he dumps it into the fuel tank in the hopes that Aman can follow the exhaust trail.

Sure enough, when Aman wakes up he fights off the sharks swarming the buoy and follows the yellow trail to the mainland. There the Amazing-Man frees Tommy and learns that Mister Que controls his Purple Flame with radio waves and is targeting the Capital Building in Washington, D.C.

Rushing to the scene, the Amazing-Man and Amazing Kid interrupt a speech being given by President Roosevelt and recover the radio. They then rush out of the building and fly out to sea where they toss the radio at Mister Que’s island. Although the Purple Fire missile destroys the island, Aman fears that his old enemy may have survived its destruction.

recurring characters

  • < Amazing-Man

  • Amazing Kid

  • < Zona Henderson

  • < Nika

  • Nazis

    • < Mister Que

  • < President Franklin Roosevelt >

  • < FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover >

The Amazing-Man

Mister Que and his Nazi cohorts are plotting to bankrupt the United States by stealing massive shipments of gold. Their first target is a train shipment of gold which is being guarded by the Amazing-Man and Tommy. While trying to stop an army of winged men from stealing the gold, the two heroes are surprised when the train disappears when the area around the track is covered in a massive black could. They soon find the train, wrecked a few miles away and the gold stolen.

The pair then attempt to guard a shipment of gold aboard S.S. Crescent that is en route to New York City. Once again a massive black cloud envelopes the vessel and it disappears. However, this time, Tommy is still on board when the boat vanishes. Discovering that the boat has been somehow transported to a lake in the mountains, the boy sets off the boat whistle in the hopes Aman can hear it. Sure enough, the Amazing-Man does and tries to save Tommy.

The two chase Mister Que into an underground hideout where they are trapped under an airtight dome. As the air is being sucked out of the dome, Mister Que explains that the past two thefts were a primer for his master stroke: The theft of Fort Fox, a massive gold repository. As part of this plan, Mister Que has been digging under the fort. After explaining this scheme, Mister Que leaves to finish his operation.

Left alone, the Amazing-Man turns into the green mist and passes through the pipe that is sucking air out of the dome and frees himself and Tommy from this death trap. They then rush to Fort Fox and discover how this black cloud has been covering a fleet off Nazi zeppelins that are trying to lift the entire fort out of its foundation.

The pair quickly destroy the blimps but are forced to let Mister Que escape in order to slowly lower Fort Fox back into its foundation.

recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man >

  • Amazing Kid >

  • Nazis

    • Mister Que >

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