Amazing-Man Comics #24

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A new menace calling himself the Vulture has been attacking military facilities in the United States. After a number of successful attacks the Nazi operative then begins kidnapping new recruits from Camp Mix and enslaving them for some nefarious purpose.

With no clues, the FBI call in the Amazing-Man and his boy sidekick the Amazing Kid to help catch the Vulture. What they don’t know is that the Vulture and his minions have set up operations at a nearby diner that is frequented by the soldiers from the camp. From there they have been drugging new recruits and secreting them away to their underground hideout through a trapdoor in the floor of the diner.

After kidnapping yet another soldier the Vulture goes to deal with the Amazing-Man. As Aman and Tommy drive to the base they are buzzed by a plane that drops a net on their car. The car drives off a cliff into a river below but the pair manage to survive the crash and evade a boat trying to run them over.

When they arrive at base, Tommy becomes bored and begins looking for somewhere he can get a chocolate soda. Unaware that he is talking to the Vulture, the boy is directed to the diner where he too is drugged and enslaved by the villain. The Vulture then explains to the Amazing Kid that he and the enslaved soldiers are being used to construct massive war machine to launch an assault on New York City.

Meanwhile, the Amazing-Man notices that Tommy is missing and, after disguising himself as a soldier, deduces that he would have went to the nearby diner for a soda. There, the chef tries to drug Aman but he sees through this and fights his way into the underground hideout. However, before he can free the slaves the Amazing-Man is struck from behind and drugged. When he wakes up he discovers that he too has been enslaved by the Vulture.

Luckily, the Amazing-Man was carrying a special pill that cures the effects of the drug and merely pretends to be enslaved by the Vulture until the right moment to strike. However, the Vulture grows suspicious of Aman and sends him out to test an experimental burrowing tank. But, the Amazing-Man manages to get control of the tank and frees the slaves and then leads the counter-attack driving the Vulture’s armies out of New York City.

The Vulture — actually Mister Que in disguise — sees his plans falling apart and changes disguise, managing to slip away before the Amazing-Man can recognize him.

recurring characters

  • Amazing-Man: Last seen in Stars and Stripes #4, next seen in Stars and Stripes #5

  • Amazing Kid: Last seen in Stars and Stripes #4, next seen in Stars and Stripes #5

  • Nazis

    • Mister Que/Vulture: Last seen in Stars and Stripes #4. Final Appearance.

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