Amazing-Man Comics #5

Amazing-Man DGAF.

Amazing-Man DGAF.

The Amazing Man

Aman was an orphan child that was found by the Council of Seven in the mountains of Tibet. Considered a perfect physical specimen the Council spent the next 25 years training Aman to be the greatest champion.

Eventually, the Great Question — one of the Council — decrees that it is time for Aman to be put to the test to see if he passes the test of ultra-manhood.

The first is a test of strength when Aman is able to use his strength to hold back an elephant. Next his hands are bound and he is forced to wrestle with a venomous cobra. Lastly, his pain threshhold is tested by being subject to the blades of Zina, the knife thrower.

Surviving these tests, the Council is satisfied that they can send Aman into the outside world to be their champion. To prepare him for this journey, they teach Aman in the various languages of the world before being taken to the scientist named Nika. Nika injects Aman with a formula that allows make himself disappear. However, a side effect of this effect creates a swirl of green mist. With this experiment a success, Aman is given a formula he must take every week and is made to promise to always use his powers as a force for good.

However, the Great Question has other intentions for Aman and once alone with the champion the rogue member of the Council uses his telepathic powers to enthrall Aman intending to take control him at a later date. Made to forget this, Aman then leaves the hidden city and flies to Seattle, Washington.

Upon his arrival, Aman learns of a series of trainwrecks and decides to investigate them. Searching the area in his plane he finds the most recent wreck and posing as a state investigator he learns that this is the fourth such crash and that sabotage is the likely cause. Then posing as a reporter he interviews Mr. Carter, the owner of the railroad. Boarding a train, Aman shows Carter a pencil he found at the site of the wreck, but the railroad owner doesn’t know what it could mean. They interview is interrupted when Carter is informed that the bridge up ahead has washed out. Everyone is amazed when Aman is able to take control of the train and ramp up enough speed to make the train fly over the gap created by the fallen bridge.

Returning to Carter, Aman explains that he believes that the pencil was owned by the one responsible for sabotaging the trains. Using automatic writing, Aman is able to make the pencil write out the name of its owner a man named Uhlin. Realizing he has been caught “Mister Carter” reveals that he is Mister Uhlin and that he was causing the trainwrecks to collect on the insurance. Trying to silence Aman, Uhlin tries to shoot the interloper but Aman easily disarms him. Instead of facing justice for his crimes, Mister Uhlin leaps out of the window as the train crosses over a rail bridge and falls to his death. Thus ends the first adventure of the Amazing-Man.

Recurring Characters

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Continuity Notes

  • Amazing-Man’s origins are explored further in Defenders Vol 3 #12. It is later revealed that his home in Tibet is one of many cities that spends most of its time existing in another dimension not unlike Iron Fist’s K’un-L’un.

The Tragic Note

While entertaining some guests, Aman is asked to sing the Cantata Unica for them. However, Aman refuses to do so. In order to explain why, he links with their mind telepathically. They are taken back to Aman’s training in Tibet where his powerful singing voice somehow created an electrical circuit that killed a man while he sand the Cantata Unica.

Recurring Characters

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