Amazing-Man Comics #6

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Aman - The Amazing Man

The Great Question telepathically taunts Aman the Amazing Man as he drives across the desert, vowing to take control of the hero soon. Aman wonders if the Question is right but he quickly turns his attention to a couple stranded on the side of the road.

Inviting the stranded travellers into his car, Aman quickly finds himself at gunpoint as they order him to get driving. As it turns out they are a part of gang of crooks that are hiding out in a nearby farm house to duck the law. Aman is taken to their leader, the Big Boss, who then orders Aman to be locked up with their other prisoner.

Tossed into a dark room, Aman meets Lucille Peabody the daughter of a copper magnante. The crooks want to force her to write a letter his father to trick him into coming back home. The Great Question uses this opportunity to take control of Aman, turning him evil.

Under the Great Question’s influence, Aman murders he Big Boss and uses his power to force the rest of his gang to side with him. Aman then uses his powers to break into the home of Carl Peabody and demand that he collect a million dollar ransom for the release of his daughter.

Back at the hideout, the gang members are trying to force Lucille to follow through with their original plan but she refuses. They then tie her up to a post outside and threaten to whip her until she complies. Before they can begin this torture, Aman returns and — seeing Lucille in trouble — reverts back to normal. Unfortunately, when he tries to save Lucille Aman is shot in the back and tied to the post as well. However, despite a whipping, Aman breaks free. During a tense hostage situation, Aman manages to rescue Lucille and fly her to the safety of her father’s home. There he explains to the authorities the truth of what happened and where to arrest the girl’s true kidnappers.

Recurring Characters:

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