Amazing-Man Comics #7

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The Amazing Man

After checking the newspaper for stories about his last adventure, the Amazing-Man takes flight to the northwest. There he witnesses a car being driven off the road and lands his plane to help the crash survivor. As he approaches the crashed vehicle Aman is attacked by a pair of mountain lions but easily bests the creatures into submission. The injured man tells Aman that he is the foreman of the local dam and that someone is attempting to sabotage it. The man passes out on the way to the hospital and sadly dies on the operating table before he can give more information.

Unwilling to let this go, Aman goes to the state house where he tries to warn officials about the sabotage plot. Although he is not believed, the state engineer decides to look into the matter.

Watching things from far-off Tibet, the Great Question watches and uses his influence among his people to convince them that Aman is not working in their best interest in the outside world. Secretly backing the attempts to sabotage the dam, the Great Question advises his minions to make claims that Aman was responsible for murdering the foreman.

When the accusations are made, Aman is brought to trial and found guilty and arrested for manslaughter. Unwilling to let this stop him from preventing the destruction of the dam, Aman turns into the green mist into to escape his cell. He then attacks the two men who framed him for murder, attracting the authorities.

While everyone is distracted, Aman turns into the green mist again in order to steal an airplane and takes to the air again. There he is intercepted by two more of the Great Question’s lackies who shoot at him from another plane. Leaping from his plane with a bomb the Amazing-Man then attacks the two enemy pilots forcing their plane to crash.

The only survivor, Aman searches the wreckage and finds a letter that proves that Muth, the contractor, is involved in the sabotage scheme. When the police arrive on the crash site, Aman steals a motorcycle and rides it the rest of the way to the dam.

There he confronts Muth and his bodyguard. Tossing the bodyguard to his death, Aman disarms the bomb just as the police arrive. Disappearing into a cloud of smoke, Aman tells them of Muth’s plot and leaves the authorities to deal with him.

Recurring Characters:

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