Amazing-Man Comics #8

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Aman the Amazing-Man

After his last adventure, Aman the Amazing-Man decides what to do next when he hears a newspaper boy calling out that war had just been declared in Europe. Deciding to do something about the Nazi menace, Aman turns into green mist in order to secretly hitch a ride to the airport in a taxi cab.

From there he steals a machine gun and ammunition from a nearby shed and sneaks aboard his plane and takes off before the guards can arrest him. Aman then flies across the ocean to Europe where he lands in a field in France. He stops long enough to install the machine guns on his plane and flies nearby to where Nazi planes clash with allied forces. Despite his best efforts, Aman’s plane is shot down, but he survives the crash.

Taken prisoner by the Nazis, the commanding officer decides to make Aman a prisoner and sends him to one of the nearby concentration camps. There, Aman attempts to use his ability to turn into the green mist but it doesn’t work. He quickly realizes he forgot to inject himself with the daily dose of formula that gives him this power. In order to get his possessions back, Aman tricks a dimwitted Nazi guard to bring his possessions offering the Nazi a “magic ring” that will give him great strength, abilities and intelligence. Fooled, the Nazi goes to get the confiscated goods unaware that the ring is not magic and Aman’s superhuman abilities were actually his own.

The plan does not go off without a hitch when higher ranking Nazi demands to know what is going on. However, Aman manages to grab the bundle and escape onto a nearby rooftop. There he injects himself with a formula that allows him to turn into the green mist and escapes the camp. He then decides to go onto the battle front where he assists French soldiers in fighting back the Nazi invaders.

Although he easily trounces the invaders, Aman decides to take the fight to the Nazis directly. He then steals a German bomber and pilots a course to Berlin, dropping bombs the entire way…

Recurring characters:

  • < Amazing-Man >

  • Nazis

continuity notes

  • The telegram on page 1, panel 1, recounts the events of last issue.

  • Aman was told back in Amazing-Man Comics #5 that he needed to inject himself with the a special formula each day in order to maintain his green mist abilities.

  • This story states that World War II has just been declared. As such this story likely takes place on or around September 1, 1939.

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