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Trouble City Articles

An archive of Trouble City articles that had to be pulled because they were too extreme and far, far too awesome.

The 5 Weirdest Alternate Versions of Spider-Man _ FANDOM - Google Chrome 2019-05-09 23.46.50.png

Fandom.Com Articles

Due to the reading audience they were trying to reach, a lot of the stuff I wrote for Fandom was edited. Sometimes heavily. Here is an archive of my articles, completely uncensored, with all the cancer and dead baby jokes lovingly restored for your reading pleasure.


Micro-Shock Archives

Fun fact: I used to run a horror blog for almost a decade. It was actually fairly well received by the community. A lot of those old articles are really embarrassing and I am glad they are been lost in the bowels of the internet. However, some have survived and here I showcase the least of the worst.