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Timely Era

Coving in-continuity era comics that were published during the Timely Era of comics. Timely was a previous incarnation of Marvel Comics that were published between 1939-1951.

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atlas era

Coving in-continuity era comics that were published during the Atlas Era of comics. Atlas was a previous incarnation of Marvel Comics that were published between 1951-1961.

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Marvel Era

This covers every in-continuity Marvel Comic book from 1961-2009.

Disney Era

This section covers every in-continuity of Marvel Comics after they were purchased by Disney in 2009.


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The Unofficial Index to the Marvel Universe is a fan-made project that is attempting to index and provide companion notes for every in-continuity Marvel Comic book that has been published.

Our intent is to be a companion to other semi-official Marvel websites such as the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the Chronology Project. A DIY resource that is by-fans-for-fans but unimpeded by the editorial policies and fevered egos found on content aggregator websites and wikis.

This is a work in progress

This project has started on July 5, 2019 and is a work in progress. The site went live on ____ when we launched with a large number of golden age comics, an a massive catalogue of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Hulk comics. We will continue to expand and add more to this site as time provides.

Hey some of these summaries look familiar!

Some of the summaries and continuity notes you see here may look familiar to some as material taken from the Marvel Database operated by That’s because those summaries were the original works of our founder, Nick Peron. After a number of editorial and personal differences, Nick decided to leave and do his own work unfettered by the bullshit and drama that was going on there.

Taking a page from the late Steve Gerber, Nick is reposting (and updating) his work on the database to “take back” his work. If anyone at Fandom or the Marvel Database has a problem with that kindly review your Creative Commons policy and then go fuck yourselves.

What happened with you and the marvel database/fandom?

I was with the Database for over a decade. I decided to leave for a number of reasons. I will spare the dirty details and say that it was a combination of editorial differences as well as Fandom reacting poorly to an alleged predator using their platform. That hit close to home for me, and frankly, it was my opinion that Fandom was not providing a safe space for its users and contributors. While the allegations have not been proven, I feel that the response to those allegations was woefully inadequate and dismissive. They could have a pedophile active in their community and, in my opinion, they would rather ignore the problem than do anything about it. That’s I’ll say on the issue.

Can I contribute to the unofficial index?

At this present time we are not looking for other contributors.