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Timely Era

Coving in-continuity era comics that were published during the Timely Era of comics. Timely was a previous incarnation of Marvel Comics that were published between 1939-1951.


atlas era

Coving in-continuity era comics that were published during the Atlas Era of comics. Atlas was a previous incarnation of Marvel Comics that were published between 1951-1961.


Marvel Era

This covers every in-continuity Marvel Comic book from 1961-2009.


Disney Era

This section covers every in-continuity of Marvel Comics after they were purchased by Disney in 2009.


Unofficial Logo.png

The Unofficial Index to the Marvel Universe is a fan-made project that is attempting to index and provide companion notes for every in-continuity Marvel Comic book that has been published.

Our intent is to be a companion to other semi-official Marvel websites such as the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the Chronology Project. A DIY resource that is by-a-fan-for-fans but unimpeded by the editorial policies and fevered egos found on content aggregator websites and wikis.


SEPTEMBER ##, 2019 - We’re just launched. We’ve got a nearly complete index of Timely/Atlas era books. These are transfer of summaries I wrote elsewhere, but with added continuity notes that were not there. In addition I’ve added summaries that are absent from that original source. This includes the addition of Amazing-Man Comics, Stars and Stripes, Champion Comics, Crash Comics, Lightning Comics, Eagle Comics, Cat-Man Comics, and Super-Mystery Comics. There are now complete runs of Marvel Mystery Comics, Human Torch Comics, Young Allies, USA Comics, Miss Fury and more. The Unofficial Appendix is the ONLY PLACE on the internet with a near complete index of Timely/Atlas era superheros.

Coming Soon: Summaries of every Fantastic Four and Hulk comic up up to the end of 2015, and every Spider-Man comic up until 1996.

Coming Later: We will be adding more Spider-Man titles covering every story until the end of 2015.

This is a work in progress

This project has started on July 5, 2019 and is a work in progress. The site went live on ____ when we launched with a large number of golden age comics, an a massive catalogue of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Hulk comics. We will continue to expand and add more to this site as time provides.


This site is going to be entirely focused on three specific aspects: Issue summaries and providing continuity notes for each story. Items that are frequently absent from many websites. You won’t find creator credits, behind the scene information, chronologies or detailed publication history. That is because you can find these details literally anywhere else.

Hey some of these summaries look familiar!

Some of the summaries and continuity notes you see here may look familiar to some as material taken from the Marvel Database operated by That’s because those summaries were written by me for the Marvel Database during my time there. After a number of editorial and personal differences, I decided to leave and do my own work unfettered by the bullshit and drama that was going on there.

Taking a page from the late Steve Gerber, I am reposting (and updating) my work on the database to “take back” my own work. If anyone at Fandom or the Marvel Database has a problem with that kindly review your Creative Commons policy and then go fuck yourselves.

What happened with you and the marvel database/fandom?

I was with the Database for over a decade. I decided to leave for a number of reasons. I will spare the dirty details and say that it was a combination of editorial differences as well as Fandom dealing poorly to an alleged predator using their platform. On the latter issue it was my opinion that Fandom was not providing a safe space for its users and contributors. While the allegations have not been proven, I feel that the response to those allegations was woefully inadequate and dismissive. I will not participate with a platform that treats the safety of its users so indifferently.

Can I contribute to the unofficial index?


I run another website. Can I use your work to help with research on my own site?

If you are contributing to site hosted by, absolutely not. In fact, I will actively make take down requests if any material I have created ends up on a Fandom run site (other than materials that I had originally wrote there) I will aggressively see it taken down. See below if you want to know what happens if you copy my material without permission. Given the reasons detailed above, I hope you will respect these wishes.

However, if you run another website you are welcome to copy or use my material for research provided proper credit is given to me any my site. I only ask that you get my permission first.

Unless you are associated with the Unofficial Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, the Marvel Chronology Project,,,, CMRO, or then you can use my information freely and without asking first since you do quality work and will give the proper credit to the source material anyway.


This site is monitored by Copyscape. I will receive notices whenever my work appears somewhere else and proper credit was not given. If that’s the case I will be aggressively going after your website provider with a DMCR takedown requests. I’ve worked hard to write all of this on my own and the last thing I want is someone stealing my words and using them somewhere else without my permission.


This website is not affiliated with Marvel Comics or any of its parent or subsidiary companies. All content here is owned by Marvel Comics. Information is provided under the provisions of fair use and educational purposes of copyright law. Interpretations of the source material are my own and may not necessarily reflect the intentions of Marvel’s editorial team. Whenever possible, matters of interpretation or speculation are specifically identified as such.

Opinions and speculations on this site are my own (unless otherwise stated) and are not supported by anyone in their right mind or their subsidiaries and parent companies.